CHANGE - Early Intervention during Critical Period


Hands On Therapy Concepts is happy to introduce "CHANGE - an early intervention program during critical period". It is based on our vast experience in pediatric therapy.


This evidence based program includes assessment of the child, intervention if needed and awareness of society. The main feature of this program is it's comprehensiveness which includes various areas of development i.e. fine motor, gross motor, cognition, sensory processing, communication, social emotional and adaptive behavior. 


The target population is children between the age group of zero (birth) to three years. We believe in intervening during critical period of development, when the neurons are growing. We at HOTC believe in team work. So no need to tell you that the intervention will be given by various health professionals.


"Together, We Care" and "Together, We Change". Let's change the future......

HOP Baby ™

 “Hands for Occupational Positioning” -

It is a positioning device for small babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

It can be used by adults also.

This can help to position the baby for sleeping, feeding and playing.

It works on he philosophy of developmentally supportive care.

It is a form of ultra-early intervention for pre term infants.

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