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We wish to advance every newborn to the next level of developmentally supportive care. ​Dedicated to making developmentally supportive care a fundamental right for every newborn, Neonatal Therapy Store is a pioneering initiative.

Facilitating Brain Oriented Care in the NICU

For many years, HOP Baby & other products has been utilised for the newborns in the following establishments.

  • Paednest Medical & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ace Children's Hospital, Dombivli

  • Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road

  • IONA Hospital, Mira Road

  • KEM Hospital, Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Informed

All you need to know before you purchase from the "Neonatal Therapy Store".

Who can purchase from the "Neonatal Therapy Store"?

A purchase from the "Neonatal Therapy Store" can be made by any Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Individual customers are encouraged to share information with hospitals at the moment.

They may suggest hospitals purchase the goods if their baby is admitted. Given how delicate the NICU environment is, the hospitals may not permit the use of any outside products.

Why can't products be returned after being purchased and delivered?

It is not returnable due to the nature of the product, which deals with hygiene, health, and personal care. However, we will offer a complete refund or a free replacement, as appropriate, in the unlikely event that you receive a damaged, defective, or incorrect item. We may get in touch with you to learn more about the damage or defect in the product before issuing a refund or replacement.

What is the justification for returning a product after use? Why should we spend money on product returns?

Recyclable material can be used to create new products by being converted into raw materials. Methodical collection of recyclables is required.

This is a commitment that we want to accept.

Just give it back to us when you're done using it. The cost of shipping is not owed by you. Once you've told us, we'll collect it from you.

Following receipt, as a thank-you gift, you will receive a cashback.

Why should we make use of these recently released products?

These goods weren't just recently released. For more than five years, they have been on the market. For many years, many hospitals used it frequently.

For their impact on infants, they were meticulously studied and investigated.

The idea of an independent market for this kind of goods, like the Neonatal Therapy Store, is the only new development.

Why can't we get a single positioning device?

One positioning device cannot meet all of the patient's postural support needs while they are hospitalised.

Additionally, having a variety of devices on hand will accommodate any needs that might arise during the crucial hospitalisation period. They become soiled or spoiled during various processes. There should be an easy alternative in such cases.

Additionally, the hospital's infection control policy will have its own pre-use and pre-reuse procedures. There may be a need for multiple devices in these situations even for a single baby.

This need will be met by unit-wide availability. Continuous care can be facilitated by purchasing a full Preemie Developmentally Supportive Care HOP Baby Pack.

No positioning device is being used on my premature baby in the NICU. Is this the correct method?

Absolutely not.

Because of the preterm baby's low postural strength, the constant demand of gravitational forces, a lack of boundaries, and the mother's unavailability causes stress in the baby.

Devices are critical in ensuring the proper positioning of the high-risk infant. It is critical to have optimal positioning to ensure proper joint alignment, self-regulation promotion, and positioning that fosters developmental skills.

Because NICU staff is responsible for many aspects of an infant's care, positioning devices and methods that require minimal effort from the nurse while providing effective and developmentally supportive care to the infant are critical.

Positioning and its impact on motor development in preterm infants are extremely important.