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Our Training Programs

What We Are Effective At

Training allows professionals to gain the knowledge they need to perform their duties while also contributing to their organization. These training programmes are designed to help professionals learn different skill sets in order to perform their daily tasks efficiently, improve overall performance, develop job efficiency, and maintain fidelity to techniques and professional ethics.

INDIA EBUS Certification

We conducted training and certification for our own indigenously designed and award-winning approach to ultra-early intervention numerous times in India. It included a toolkit designed specifically for professionals and caregivers.

Certification in Ayres Sensory Integration

Done In collaboration with Western Psychological Services & University of Southern California. Eminent speakers like Erna Blanche, Sussan Smith Roley.

Certification in Kinesiotaping

In collaboration with Kinesio Taping International, we successfully completed various levels of certification in Kinesio taping.

Handwriting Intervention

Many professionals have been trained to pay close attention to details of factors influencing handwriting. If done methodically, it can be easily managed later on.

Hand Therapy Workshop

We organized numerous hand and upper extremity training sessions with national and international experts. Few of them are Srikanth Chinchalkar, Shovan Saha, Ashish Babhulkar and others

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