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Hands For Occupational Positioning (HOP Baby®) a versatile positioning device to be used in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and other settings. Because of its soft material and movable content, it helps reduce the stress on the baby while s/he is busy in various occupations i.e. sleeping, feeding & other.


HOP Baby® can be used in any position i.e. prone, supine, side lying or any other position that is comfortable for the baby. In other words, HOP Baby® keeps the baby comfortable in any position.


Thus it is one of the tools with potential to deliver developmentally supportive care.

HOP Baby® will take constant and individualized care. It is a form of ultra-early intervention during hospitalization and after hospitalization.


HOP Baby® PROP NEST is a one-of-a-kind product designed to provide preterm babies with age-appropriate proprioceptive stimulation as well as comfort, a sense of security, and tactile stimulation.


The Proprioceptive Nest serves two functions. It can accommodate the need for critical baby monitoring with attachments to the leg. You can use the same device by changing its orientation if you believe your baby is stable and age-appropriate proprioceptive stimulation can be given to build up lower extremity muscle tone.


Furthermore, it will provide an opportunity for self-regulation and will continue to provide a feeling of intrauterine environment. It will serve as a way to reduce stress for the immature and developing baby in the hectic NICU environment.


Proprioceptive stimulation improves bone mineralization in premature babies and aids in the prevention of prematurity osteopenia. It also aids in gaining daily weight, improving sleep quality, and selforganization.

HOP Baby®

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  • Safety Information:

    Consult your health professional before use.

    Legal Disclaimer:

    Monitoring in Intensive Care Unit is mandatory for use of this device. Please contact the health professional before use.

    Ordering two or more sets will facilitate uninterrupted care.

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