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The Neonatal Therapy Kit is a must-have set in every Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It includes environmental evaluation equipments, training materials for all caregivers, a hand hygiene tool, a mother-infant bonding aid, and other items.


The kit will include instruments for measuring light, sound, and other characteristics. The intervention is required following the examination. In this context, the Kit will also comprise several positioning devices (e.g. HOP Baby, KMC Bag). It can be used to demonstrate to carers or parents. It is safe to use on babies if the infection control protocol of the unit is followed. The Neonatal Therapy Kit aids in the preservation of the healing environment in the NICU.

The kit will include additional information on how to care for the instruments. After a brief training, each team member can use it and contribute to brain-oriented care.

Neonatal Therapy Kit

PriceFrom ₹29,625.00
100 Grams
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